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TAIGA, responding to urban green space decline, innovates with its 'Mosslab' brand, offering moss-based solutions to enhance urban ecosystems and promote sustainable development.
Why did we pay attention to moss?
Industrialization has displaced urban greenery, Impacting both our life and air quality.
We found a secret in nature that can help us to save our gray planet.
Moss Generating 30% of our oxygen, and removing pollutants efficiently, it’s something we can not ignore.
The first true plant to be found on earth,
Moss can help us to combat air pollution,
including fine dust and harmful gases.
After 2 hours of moss purification
Fine Dust
- 60%
- 40%
- moss area of fine dust & VOCs test : 0.25m2
- moss area of CO2 test : 1m2
Moss Air
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